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My name is Sandie and Kasei Vallis is my design studio. Kasei Vallis is the name of a valley on Mars, and I love science-fiction and anticipation books. So that's why.

I'm a french freelance art director, currently living in Paris, France, but I speak good english (even with a strong accent) and fluent italian. I love colors, lights, reading, talking to people, animated gifs and travelling. I've lived abroad sometimes (mostly in sunny areas...) and the summer is my favorite season. My italian roots have made me a social person and I like to work within a team or in relation with other people.

Sometimes I participate in nice projects with my friends (other than design). One of the bests ones is D12ouze.

During the Paris Lockdown, I've been drawing and playing for Mondes Sauvages and their HOME project.

If you want to know more about me, you can contact me at :
The very nice picture of myself that I love has been taken by the talented Pierre Prospero.

Please note that all images on this website are not free of rights,
so please contact me if you wish to use some.


Art Direction



Brand activation


Pattern design

Jewel design

Baking cookies

Talking english with a strong french accent


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