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Art direction and global branding

Alban Muller

Thought and created in Paris.

I worked on the new visual identity of the french cosmetic brand Alban Muller. At first my brief included design the packaging, giving it a more contemporary feel, as the work on the visual identity and strategy was already underway, before being halted.

We then revisited the work from the beginning, along with a team of freelance creators. We had to elaborate on the positionning of the brand - undertaken by my colleagues - before I created a new visual identity, which was a progression from the old AM identity. It was important that it still retained some of the original elements, to produce a fresher, more modern look and feel of the brand.

So I kept the font they had choosen in the first rework, and I also kept the AM icon, and modernize them.

The picture here are from Alban Muller. 

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